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Provides nursing care to the patient during ophthalmic procedures. Performs nursing activities in the operating room Answers patient needs by assisting the physician and person responsible for anesthesia care.

Graduate of accredited school of nursing required
Current state licensure required
Ophthalmic experience preferred

Mental Demands:
Requires immediate judgment and response; occasionally in response to disasters or emergencies, actual events or drills. Require English language skills adequate for high-level written and interpersonal communication.

Physical Demands:
Require high level visual and auditory acuity for timely response and patient care assessment activities. Requires the ability to move quickly in response to physician and patient needs, to stand for long periods, occasional overhead and low reaching and to exert force of up to 50 lbs. occasionally, up to 20 lbs. frequently and/or up to 10 lbs. constantly. Patient care activities may require the ability to exert force of up to 30 lbs. constantly, up to 40 lbs. occasionally and up to 100 lbs. rarely.

Essential Functions and Objections:
Supervises and directs patient care in a single operating room.
Prepares operating room according to the procedure to be performed as well as patient needs.
Assembles and provides properly functioning equipment, supplies, and instruments before start of procedure; positions and adjusts equipment as required during the procedure.
Anticipates needs of the surgical team; assists anesthesia staff by supporting the patient during administration of anesthesia.
Transports patients to the operating room according to facility policy, safety requirements, and patient needs.
Identifies the patient and correct surgical intervention according to facility policy and communicates with all surgical team members.
Reviews the patient's medical record and needs to plan care with other health care team members.
Provides comfort and reassurance to the patient; maintains patient's privacy and dignity.
Explains routine procedures and care to the patient.
Assists with the proper and safe positioning of the patient and prepares the operative site as directed by established procedure.
Monitors compliance with principles of aseptic technique according to accepted standards.
Assesses and documents the patient's physical and emotional status upon arrival in the pre/post-operative area.
Informs patient and family about routine care and procedures related to the experience.
Documents pre/post-operative care during the patient's recovery from anesthesia/sedation according to facility policy.
Provides nursing care to meet patient needs related to surgical condition and type of anesthesia administered. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist